good for you, good for our earth

at by anastasia we are constantly assessing and improving our sustainability, social and ethical practices. we are Australian made and owned. our product range is locally made in Victoria. our practices ensure that we are doing our best to be kind to our earth and to our consumers. we select premium Australian Certified Organic ingredients wherever possible to help protect the health of growers, handlers, consumers and our earth. we include only all natural ingredients to help protect consumers from toxic synthetic ingredients and also to help eliminate toxins from our earth. we choose vegan wherever possible, with the only exception is our cruelty free sourced beeswax. we are cruelty free and do not test on animals and will not export to countries that mandate testing products on animals. our products are palm oil free, the orang-utans and rainforests need our help. we purchase directly from Australian suppliers who practice like ethical values, with a preference to Australian made supplies wherever possible, supporting local and small businesses and therefore help to reduce environmental footprint. our products are bottled in Australian made recycled PET packaging wherever possible. our gift boxes are made in Australia from 100% recycled cardboard. our tissue paper and paper bags are made from 100% recycled paper. we rarely purchase postal packaging as we re-use boxes and packaging fillers from other deliveries wherever possible, so you may notice bubble wrap used at times but please be assured it is reused. if we need to we purchase recycled and recyclable packaging only with a preference to recycled Australian made. we have recently introduced organic and reusable eco bags as an alternative to gift boxes.